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Lord, help me...

A beautiful, young American girl wound up stranded far from home on my doorstep.
When she begged me to stay, I did what a good priest would do, and I said yes.
But a good priest wouldn’t spend his days thinking about the fullness of her ruby red lips or feel the sting of envy with the way she draws men to her like flies to honey.

A good priest would have stopped things before that first touch. And he certainly wouldn’t have given into temptation so easily, but Cadence Thorn walked in and brought me to my knees.

A good priest doesn’t break his vows.
But I am not a good priest.



  • Book Name: Beautiful Sinner
  • Author Name Sara Cate
  • Product Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781956830170

Tags: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

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