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City of Stars #1

They call this place the City of Stars.

Ironic if you ask me. City of Soul-Sucking Black Holes seems much more fitting. A safe haven for the wealthy and corrupt. A sewer of vice and sin.

Leonardo Bianchi burns the darkest and shines the brightest of all. My lover turned foe. Four years ago, my family ruined his, and his tongue got sharper than his jaw. His eyes fostered demons solely reserved for me. They craved to own my soul and for the longest time, I took it, I bore his cruelty alone.

But then... then I grew thorns of my own.

And now? Now it's time for his torment to taste my kiss of war.

Kiss of War is a complete standalone and a part of the City of Stars series.



Tags: Contemporary, Dark Romance, Fiction, New Adult, Romance

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