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The Syndicate Series #2

They took her. They took the one thing in our miserable lives that means anything to us. When we find her. Revenge will be had. But with that revenge, secrets must unravel, truths must be told, but with the revelations...Questions arise.

Will our bonds of trust be shattered beyond repair?
Will the demons that lurk below the surface finally consume us into their darkness?
How can we defeat the constant blows coming our way?
Well, the answer is simple. We fight like hell.

But when the biggest setback comes our way? We may just be royally screwed.

Trigger warning: 
This book has significantly more triggers and is darker than the first book. Go in assuming all trigger warnings as they aren't specified but this book may have scenes that are incredibly triggering, including but not limited to ; Sexually explicit scenes(BDSM influenced events), assault, murder, stalking, childhood abuse, drug abuse, human trafficking, and more. 



  • Book Name: Revenge of the Syndicate - Discreet Cover Edition
  • Author Name Natalie Nicole
  • Product Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781684800018

Tags: Contemporary, Dark Romance, New Adult, Polyam, Romance

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