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 Sinners and Sinners #3

One wrong move and it’s over. I was invisible until I wasn’t. One mistyped number became the catalyst to my hell on earth when I accidentally sent a risqué photo to the blackmail king of Silver Lake High. Now Connor Bishop holds it as a bargaining chip over my head. I’ve become his doll, at his mercy in a corrupt castle. Better do as he says or else, or else, or else… His thumb is on the send button every time I try to buck his command. Can I survive a private photo going viral instead of living this life of torment?

It’s not right. Maybe it’s time his castle burns down.

Secrets and favors built my throne. Meek. Shy. Wholesome. Thea Kennedy was picture-perfect innocence until she wasn’t. The unexpected photo is the juiciest secret to land in my lap in a while. Who knew she was hiding luscious curves under frumpy sweaters? With one racy selfie, Thea stepped into my world, where I control the board. I’ll trap the little mouse and won’t let her escape the depraved kingdom I built.

But there are darker monsters than me lurking in the shadows. They want to take a bite out of my little mouse. I don’t like sharing what’s mine.

Warning: Ruthless Bishop is a dark new adult high school bully romance intended for mature readers. This book is part of a series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. The Sinners and Saints series boys are all devilish antiheroes brought to their knees by a spitfire heroine, so if you love enemies-to-lovers and hate-to-love type stories, you’re in the right place.
*This mature new adult romance contains dubious situations, bullying, blackmail, stalking, a predator, crude language, and intense sexual/violent content that some readers might find triggering or offensive. Please proceed with caution.*



  • Book Name: Ruthless Bishop - Discreet Edition
  • Author Name Veronica Eden
  • Product Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781957134147

Tags: Contemporary, Dark Romance, Fiction, New Adult, Romance

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