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When Rivals Play #4

An epic finale. A coming-of-age tale of loss, love, and redemption from bestselling author B.B. Reid.

They were wrong for each other from the start.The jock and the nerd, what a cliché they made.He was the town prince, and she was a nobody.Tyra Bradley was invisible.

That is until she told him he needed some manners, and so began their game of cat and mouse.

She ran, he chased.It was perfect.

Except Vaughn Rees has a deep, dark secret. Promised to the NFL, but fated for something sinister, Vaughn knows she's forbidden fruit. To want more is to tempt death. He's already in too deep.

When a betrayal unravels their fragile ties, the good girl runs as fast as she can. What Tyra doesn't know? They're a siren's song. She can run, but they'll always be bound.

They're two souls torn apart and mended by fate. And now...Vaughn isn't the only one with a secret.

Alternate Cover Edition. The Prince and the Pawn is an interconnected standalone and book four of the When Rivals Play series. You should read The Peer and the Puppet, The Moth and the Flame, and The Punk and the Plaything prior to reading this installment. Content suitable for 18+.



  • Book Name: The Prince and the Pawn
  • Author Name B.B. Reid
  • Product Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9798669659264

Tags: Contemporary, Fiction, New Adult, Romance

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