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Vipers and Virtuosos


Monsters & Muses #2 AidenFrom the second I saw her, I knew she’d be my ruin.Sitting all alone at the bar, she looked like an angel.Eurydice in human form; her...

Promises and Pomegranates


Monsters & Muses #1 ElenaTo most, Kal Anderson is a villain.Harbinger of death, keeper of souls, frequenter of nightmares.Doctor Death. Hades incarnate.They say he stole me.Usurped my fiancé and filled...

Arrows and Apologies


Monsters & Muses #4 They say every proud man must fall.Mortals who fancy themselves gods will one day kneel.I thought myself invincible.Apollo on Earth.Mocked my brother when he succumbed to...

Sweet Surrender


King's Trace Antiheros #1 King’s Trace is run by ruthless criminals, but this made man is no match for a woman scorned.CarolineThe men in my life think I owe them.My...

Sweet Solitude


King's Trace Antiheros Kieran I’ve spent my life cultivating a certain perception.Evil incarnate. Homicidal hermit.Vicious.Fear equals power, and power equals safety.Keeps people at bay.Except one, who dives in without knowing...

Sweet Sacrifice


King's Grave Antiheroes #3 FionaI learned long ago that not all heroes wear capes. Some don masks and armor to hide their battle scars. Others are irreparably broken.Princes without kingdoms. Kings without crowns.I...

Oaths and Omissions


Monsters & muses #3 Lenny Primrose is a puppet.⁣⁣A temptress sent to make my life bloody miserable.⁣⁣Adored by the public and used for her father’s benefit.⁣⁣Every man wants her, and...

Souls & Sorrows


Monsters & Muses #5 Nobody asked him to step in.I had everything under control, but by the time I shuffled onstage, there was no chance to stop him.Men ogled and...
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