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Be Still My Heart (By Sav R. Miller and Emily McIntire)


Skelm Island, Maine has always been known for two things: lobsters and its broken lighthouse.But when corpses start showing up in the water, the isolated town becomes the face of...

Beneath the Hood


Sugarlake #3 BlakelyMy life is a stage.Followed by millions, and loved by none.And me, the captain of control, steering my image through choppy waters.Making sure I stay on top.No one...

Beneath the Stands


Sugarlake #2 Becca I hated before I loved.I loved and then I lost.And the only man I’ve ever wanted is the one out of reach.Temptation is the Devil’s candy, but...

Beneath the Stars


Sugarlake #1 Alina I was eleven when I met Chase Adams. I loved him before I knew what lovin' was. I pulled, he pushed. I gave, he took. I loved......

Beneath The Surface


Sugarlake #4 Lily We all have scars.Mine are hidden beneath ink and smiles,hard to see and easy to feel.But the most painful ones are deeper.Branded on my soul, reminding me...

Hooked -Bloom Book Edition


Never After #1 He wants revenge, but he wants her more. Once Upon A Time, there was a little boy. His belly full of laughter, his life full of joy....



Never After #2 Once Upon A Time, there was a king who passed. He left behind two sons, one beloved and one outcast. The older of the two was set...

Wretched -Bloom Book Edition


Never After #3 Once Upon A Time, there was a wicked girl. She lost everything that mattered, causing darkness to unfurl. Impulsive and intelligent, she helped her family name grow...
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